• What if my child does not want to attend anymore?

    You will need to notify the office before the term starts.
  • What if we miss?

    Then you can take a top up class; these are available to all students - if you miss a week, notify the office and you can attend any of our other schools and catch up your class, within that term. Unfortunately this is not available on show terms, as routines will vary from class to class.
  • What will my child be doing each week?

    It depends on the age group (see classes) generally dance classes are broken down into a number of sections. Warm ups, technical exercises, traveling and routines. If it is a show term, the focus is mostly on the show dance only.
  • When does my child move up a class?

    The classes are age based, however if we feel as teachers that your child needs to be challenged more then we will advise accordingly. Sometimes there is a big jump between two classes and we have to make sure the children are ready for that jump.

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FAQ Background 1
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