• Ace Kirby AJ

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    Ace Kirby AJ

    A graduate of UEL Urban Dance Degree, I have been teaching for over 7 years. A professional dancer with numerous music videos including George Ezra, my passion for street dance its development and history is top priority. I love tea! Pizza and anything not good for you! As well as working with MODE, I am also an event manager for Deja Vu Entertainment organizing some of the top UK dance events.

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  • Harrison Campbell

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    Harrison Campbell

    As a recent graduate of Shockout the UK's only street dance training college, I still dance professionally between teaching and master class workshops.  Dance is my passion and I love having the opportunity to pass that on to the younger generation.  If I am not dancing, then its lunch with my mates! 

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  • Molly Carr

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    Molly Carr

    After growing up being a dancer at MODE myself, I am overwhelmed and excited to now be a part of the teaching team. After studying dance at college for 2 years and a years intensive training at Shockout Arts, I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and skills. With over 15 years experience in MODE I looking forward to sharing the passion, commitment and love I have for the school.

  • Natalie Sabidio

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    Natalie Sabidio

    Don’t let my size fool you, in the words of Dylan Thomas “tough but tiny”. All I’ve ever wanted to do with my life was to dance and I am so privileged to be able to do it every day. I enjoy my job, I believe in high energy classes. If I’m having fun so will my pupils!! Dance class to me should improve not only the pupil’s technique and skills but also help their confidence and expand their minds. As the saying goes Live, Love, Laugh. In this job I definitely do all three. If I’m not dancing (which is all the time. Ants in her pants springs to mind) I can be found spending my time with my friends trying out new things whether its skate boarding down mumbles, paddle boarding or trying new things you can guarantee one thing. I’ll be smiling the whole time.

    PS if you ever find I’m not smiling give me food, it usually does the trick!!

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  • Sarah Gittins

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    Sarah Gittins

    As the founder of MODE and mum of 2 young even busier boys, my cup of coffee (white if you are making) takes me head long into the school run. My passion for dance and creativity is evident, as anyone who I have bored the pants off whilst talking about it would testify! I am learning to worry less, laugh more, and not stress over the small stuff. If I am not singing Frozen (badly!) with my boys, creating poems or lesson plans, dancing in my kitchen or racing down a hill on my mountain bike (my new found hobbie!); then find me on the beach! Ideally with a glass of red!

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  • Summer Archer

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    Summer Archer

    I danced with MODE for 6 years during that time I danced at Wembly, and became a World Champion in Street Dance. I then studied dance in college in Shockout learning all styles of dance. I am really excited to be able to teach at a dance school that has taught me so much and inspire the next generaton. 

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